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Rose Oil
Morgan Alexander

Loooooooovvvveeeeee this stuff. I use it as my daily moisturizer & before bed. Also works wonders on my 18mo old son with eczema.

Touch Me Body Scrub
Leata Milest
Great product

This scrub is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RN Exfoliating Glove
Krystal Rosa
Awesome Glove!

I recently purchased a few items including this glove. Let me tell you.. this glove works wonders on my face in combination with the turmeric soap! My face has definitely cleared up! I highly recommend!!!!

Thank you for sharing ! We're so happy that you're seeing results with our products :)


I loveeeeeeeee this soap!!!! The way my skin has began to clear up just after a few days, WOW!!!! It smells so good and it’s natural, love it!

Wow! Thank you for reviewing our Turmeric Bar :) We're so glad to hear that you love it and are seeing a difference when using it ! This is amazing. Thank you thank you thank you

Love it!

This soap is such a great cleanser and leaves your skin feeling so moisturized. Also keeps my skin clear so it’s definitely a win!

Thank you for sharing Jasmine! If it's a win for your, it's a win for us :)

Yoni Bar
Sabrina hodge
Amazing products

I love my stuff it's amazing !! My mom has lupus and the body butter is already helping her skin!! I will definitely be a loyal customer for ever!!

Thank you Sabrina. I'm so happy our products are helping your mom. God Bless ya'll <3

Bali Blend
Anita James
Amazing Sea Moss

I bought the Bali blend sea moss and fell in love. I use it with my smoothies and incorporate it with my workouts. It’s definitely a great buy!!!

Thank you Anita!

Touch Me Body Scrub
Lisa Dawson
I love the smell!

I have very sensitive skin so most products I use have to be unscented and the products I’ve made following instructions are usually too oily.
The touch me body scrub has a rich smell of coffee and even consistency that’s not too oily. My skin feels refreshed and brand new! This will be my “go-to” scrub for here on out. I cannot wait to try some of rheal natural’s other products

Thank you Lisa, that's so kind. Soooo glad you tried and love the Body scrub and butter and thank you for this awesomely detailed review. <3 You're greatly appreciated!

My new "Go-To"

Been using this soap for the last two weeks and I have observed noticeable differences in my skin and face. WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE! My new go-to product for sure. Great stuff

Thank you so much ! Sooo glad you love the Turmeric Bar and thank you for taking the time to leave us a review.

Rub Me Body Butter
Deshaun Hill
Love, Love, Love!!!

Scent is not overpowering, something I can use all over and absolutely love how moisturized it leaves the skin throughout daily activities. Also for the fellas that are looking to get a "second look" from the Mrs. after application look no further! Great product!

Very Very good stuff this here in the morning with a little bit of pure honey I’m telling you guys this stuff is the bomb I suffer from sinuses for a long time but this stuff really works I haven’t had one headache one nose run or anything this stuff is the truth

Must try.

This bar works great on my skin. I use it on my arms, legs and face. It smells really good and actually works. I have noticed my skin tone becoming more even overall and the dark spots on my forearms are clearing up. The small darkspots on my lower legs from dry skin are starting to fade away also.

This is a must have.

I love this glove. It helps your skin feel extra smooth after removing the old skin cells. It works great with my tumeric bar. I take my time and use it and massage my legs and arms. It's very relaxing. I was using over the counter apricot scrub but that would leave red marks on my skin, but this glove works great no marks either.

Great product.

This body butter is amazing. It has a unique very pleasant lightly sweet smell. It's very light and not greasy or sticky. I used a small amount and it made my skin so soft and left a nice glow to my skin. This body rubber has also helped with the small dry patches I had on my face and ankle. The patches are now gone!!! This product has worked better than any store bought product I have tried and it keeps your skin moisturized all day.

Gold Irish Sea Moss
Kalen Singleton

I started using the sea moss because I was lazy and had no energy all the time. About a week into using it, I actually had energy every morning and it made me regular, not only that it made my skin glow! Highly recommend!!

Gold Irish Sea Moss
Domonique Mayse

I have been using Rheal Natural’s Sea
Moss for several months now I I have def noticed a significant difference in my appetite, my mood, my focus, etc. I feel an overall increase in wellness !! I cannot go without my sea moss ! I def recommend continued use !!

Rose Oil
Crystal Hunt
Excellent Product! Highly Recommend!

I’ve used the rose oil for the last three months. I use it on various parts of my body. It leaves my skin soft and moisturized. I even use it on a scar and it helps prevent itching and just leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. The oil is not heavy and it doesn’t have an overwhelming scent. I highly recommend the rose oil and will definitely continue using it. Thank you for making such a quality product!

Thank you Ms. Crystal. Excited that you love the products and are seeing amazing results :)


loveeee it, has helped clear up my face so much !

Yayyyy! Thank you Ayanna love :)

Balance bar!!! MUST HAVE!!

Love this soap I use it fir my face and for my inner thighs! I’ve brought a few bars at a time I love how they last long and it works on the clearing and toning of my skin.

This is amazing! Thank you so much Emonie ! We are so so so so glad our soap is doing its' job :)

Love This!

This is my new favorite moisturizer! It's so smooth and light, and it doesn't make my skin look or feel greasy. Plus it smells delicious! I use it every night after showering and applying my body oil, and when I wake up in the morning my skin is still glistening! I absolutely love it and will definitely be buying more!

Wow, we'e so glad you love the moisturizer just as much as we do :) Thank you so much Naima

Rose Oil
Derri’cka H.
Nice Glow

I use the oil twice daily and it gives my face a nice glow and it makes it very smooth! works great if you have dry skin!

Thank you so much Derri'cka! I'm glad to hear our Rose Oil is doing its' job and I appreciate your review :)

Rub Me Body Butter
Lamonda Pete
Scrumptious body butter

I can’t tell you exactly what the body butter smells like, but it’s mouthwatering. I can’t decide if it’s juicy fruit or hubba bubba lol. Either way, I smelled amazing and had my body GLOWING!!!

Thank you! We’re so glad you love the smell :) Keep glowing queen and thanks for the amazing review

Rose Oil
Lamonda Pete
My skin loves it!

As soon as I put the rose oil on my face, I could instantly feel the difference. It was so lightweight on my face, but I could feel the moisture I was giving my skin. I always hate oils because I couldn’t find one that wasn’t too oily or feel like it’s sitting on top of my skin. Best purchase I’ve made! My skin glows the entire day when I wear this stuff!

This is soooo amazing! Thank you so much for sharing !

Turmeric Balancing Bar
Rietta Salters
Awesome Soap and oil !!

I absolutely LOVE my turmeric soap and rise oil! The oil keeps my skin from getting dry and has helped with my acne! The turmeric soap definitely helped with my dark spots and smells sooooo amazingly GOOD !!! Love love love these natural products!!

Thank you!! We're so glad you're loving it!

Rose Oil
The Best!

The Rose Oil has to be my fave so far! I am naturally skeptical when using oils on my face but this product has taken that worry away. My face becomes extremely dry, especially in the cooler months, so I wanted to try something that wasn’t too heavy. I IMMEDIATLEY fell in love at first drop. This is a very light oil, not heavy or overbearing and a little goes a very long way. I can feel the difference in my skin; it’s smoother, softer and illuminating and it doesn’t dry out as easily. Love love love this product!

Love at first drop is the best type of love out there ! Thank you for sharing your review, and we're happy you're loving your rose oil! Happy Healing to you!